Sending In A Referral

What information do I need to send with my referral?

  • Patient demographic information, including insurance information
  • Height and weight to ensure equipment can be fitted properly
  • History and physical from the medical record
  • Progress notes indicating medical necessity for prescribed medical equipment
  • For respiratory equipment, we will need respiratory settings (e.g., Oxygen 2 lpm continous via nasal cannula)
  • Physician information

How do I send a referral?

  • Fax:               872-469-1673
  • Telephone:   847-310-4730

What is the turnaround time for a referral?

We will contact the patient to schedule delivery within 48 hours, pending complete information, including signed orders.


To see a list of in-network insurance plans please visit our insurance, billing & reimbursement section.

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