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SNAP Supply logoOn April 13th, 2020 Prism Health Care Services launched a new CPAP resupply platform. The new CPAP platform has improved business intelligence tools and a smart phone app to ensure timely and maximum supply fulfillment. Call 1-877-398-9336 to start the new process.

Transitioning Customers to the New Snap CPAP Resupply Platform:

Over the next few months, each Prism Health Care CPAP resupply customer will receive a call from a live agent to verify and update the following information:

  • Demographic
  • Contact
  • Insurance

New CPAP Supply Platform Tools:

During the transition call, the live agent will provide each customer with four options to order CPAP resupplies.

  • Live Agent, or
  • Email, or
  • Text, or
  • Smart Phone App – NEW!

Be On the Look Out For an Email After Live Agent Transition Call:

Immediately after the live agent transition call, each customer will receive an email to select from one of the PAP resupply tools. 

What If I Have Not Received a Call From a Live Agent?:

The live agent call is based on your next CPAP resupply order.  Customers do not need to wait for the live agent call to start the process. We encourage you to proactively call 1-877-398-9336 and begin the transition to the new platform. 

New CPAP Supply Order Process After Transitional Call:

Email, Text or SNAP App Process: Based on the customer’s unique eligible resupply fulfillment date,  a secure link will be sent via the chosen order method, e.g. email, text or SNAP app.  Upon receiving the secure link, the customer will be able to place the CPAP supply order. 

Phone Call:  Customers will receive a call from a live agent based on the next supply eligibility date. 

Thank you for choosing Prism Health Care Services for your CPAP resupply fulfillment. 


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